Justin Luy - Coaching

Caleb coached me over the summer during quarantine. Not only did he keep me motivated to workout during quarantine, but his training also helped me break through plateaus that I had been stuck at for a while. With his coaching I was able to reach my goal of 1000 lb total. He would also call me every week to checkup on not only my training, but also how I was doing in general.
If you’re looking for a coach to help you get stronger and grow as a lifter I would definitely recommend Caleb.

Anonymous Apple - Coaching

Caleb was a very patient and encouraging coach. He was willing to work with me and deal with the workout compromises due to my scoliosis and helped me feel more confident in my body through his training. The weekly meetings were a great way to check in and it was a good way to figure out what needed to happen next. I really appreciated how he also checked in on my mental state since healthiness is not just of body but also of mind; which something I never considered when having a personal trainer. I highly recommend Caleb if you’re looking for someone that you know will be there for you mentally and physically.