About Me

The founder of SlaughterIt By Caleb Michael, LLC, Caleb Slaughter, is an online powerlifting coach and ACE-certified personal trainer. He has been competing since 2018 in the USPA and USAPL federations. After 2021, he grew increasingly more in love with the sport and developed in knowledge through Michael Davis through Flexx Training Systems and various resources, he took on his first clients in bodybuilding and strength training, and he hasn’t looked back since. Marked by his kindness and willingness to go above and beyond expectations, his system of training, communication, and poise has brought many people success in their training goals and produced many successful performances on the platform. 

“Slaughter it” - Action

  1. To overcome over temptations, obstacles, battles, and trials through God’s strength
  2. To absolutely demolish some weight that used to give one trouble.