About Me

Hi, I am Caleb Slaughter, founder of SlaughterIt By Caleb Michael. I am Virginia Tech student in my junior year studying Computational Modeling and Data Analytics and minoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. Alongside, I am a competitive powerlifter, Chi Alpha LifeGroup leader, Treasurer of SAAB at Virginia Tech, and a musician. 

I started this brand back in October 2018 around the time of my first powerlifting meet. The purpose of this brand was to show my love for God and the lifestyle I want to have as a spiritually hungry college student. By investing in my brand and being a part of it, you are getting a real view of my life through the relationships I will build through it. It can be difficult to stay on God's path of righteousness because of the temptations of this world. I am here to help others build and discover their love for Christ and see how a life directed by God can feel and be like. I have my flaws and I have fell multiple times in my life, some very hard to get back up from, however, God's hand will always be there for you to grab and He will bring you to a community of people that love Him and love you. 

My tagline, SlaughterIt, is used to display victories over temptations and sin and the ability to use God's power to put your enemies under your feet. We have to be bold, we can't miss this opportunity to change our lives and change other's as well. We are here for a blessed time, under the Lord's time.