About Me

I am Caleb Michael Slaughter, the founder of SlaughterIt By Caleb Michael. I attend Virginia Tech majoring in Computational Modeling and Data Analytics and minoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. As a competitive powerlifter, I saw how my feats of strength inspired and impressed people around me. It was an opportunity to help others on their physical journey. The history of this brand started with selling clothing and involving the message in Jesus. I wanted to use my God-given talents and abilities to impact the people around me. Viewed as a big man with a big heart, I want to help others build their physical foundations. But I know the insecurities of our bodies, not being as chiseled, skinny, or "thick" like models on magazines and IG. I am aware of the many struggles with our image and seek the gym, harsh diets, and other unconventional approaches to achieve the "ideal" body. Through this brand, I hope to see the true beauty of yourself, not defined by the world, but by the qualities of the Most High. I believe that a healthy lifestyle should be one's desire and a healthy mind and spirit.
I serve my community at Virginia Tech through the Student African American Brotherhood @ VT as the Treasure, Chi Alpha Campus Ministry as a Life Group, and dining services. I serve so that others did not go through the college experience with no guidance, no genuine relationships, and feel no one got their back.
My tagline, SlaughterIt, is used to display victories over temptations, obstacles, sin, battles, and the ability to use God's power to stand against evil. We have to be bold! We can't miss this opportunity to change our lives and change others as well. We are here for a blessed time, under the Lord's time.