Jesus: Black Lives Matter

How does Jesus relate to us? He protested the misuse of the temple in righteous anger; He was also a black Nazarene, skin like bronze, hair like wool, not accepted in his community because of who He was. The Pharisees, the government, and spiritual officials of Jerusalem hated Him because He was different and seen as a threat to their illusion of power. The Pharisees were jealous of Him and wanted Him dead. He was crucified on the cross, lynched on a tree, murdered without a proper trial, and committed no wrong.

Today, we face division and hatred on the daily. Racism embedded into the flesh of men and women for centuries. For black men and women today, if it feels like it is inevitable evil that plagues this country until it destroys every soul that stands against it. We must continue to fight against this. If it's through peaceful protests, raising awareness through social media, praying, seeking to build healthy relationships with those oppressed, or donations, we all have a part in this revolution.

And yes, indeed, all lives matter, you, the reader, your life matters. However, in the hospital, if one person has more severe injuries than the other, the medical professionals are prompted to serve the one who is at a higher risk of death. Right now, the Black life is in critical condition. You see, racism is legacy evil; it was around at the time of Moses when the Israelites were enslaved by the Egyptians, forcing them to build momentous pyramids and statues of their gods. Fast forward to Jesus, a Nazarene, a black Nazarene, living in a community that didn't accept him wholeheartedly. In the Christian faith, we see Jesus as the model for our lives; how can I be more Christ-like? And unfortunately, all of us have missed the mark, and many have altered and misconstrued it. I believe Jesus modeled how we should fight and help those who are in need. Jesus left the 99 for 1. He saw the one behind, ran after them, knowing that the others were fine. Jesus was not satisfied with the majority of the people in his arms being ok. He desires that every person that accepts and follows Him to be safe and will do everything to save them, even to the point of death on the cross, hung on a tree for them. 

We go into Mark 2:17, how Jesus explained that it is not those who are strong that need a doctor, but the sick. He came for the sick and went to the most oppressed and disqualified by society's standard for radical healing and the need for salvation. The Samaritan woman labeled as a prostitute, unclean, an abomination to the Jews was the first person Jesus revealed Himself to. From that encounter alone, He changed the woman's life. We read the stories of Jesus healing blind men, lame men, men with leprosy, one of the most destructive diseases on the human skin, and contagious that a single touch can make you infected. Jesus healed that man by touching his unclean skin and made him clean! 

As you read through the Bible, you see that Jesus has faced what the black men and women are facing during this time. Persecution with no cause. Jesus was blameless, yet the Pharisees found a way to persecute, arrest, and kill him. You can see Jesus in George Floyd, in how he served his community and officers accused of something he did not do. You can see Jesus in Breonna Taylor, how she served by helping the sick, and because of injustice and the law enforcement who don't know how to do their job, killed her. The Pharisees being religious experts themselves didn't follow their laws, they altered the system to benefit them, to uplift them, to make it easier for them to do their will. You can see Jesus in Ahmaud Arbery, running to live a life that he can enjoy, spending time in the "garden," before the officials came to take his life. Jesus healed people and served His community, and the Pharisees despised every single moment of it. I pray for the Black brother and Black sister to have faith because Jesus did it for you. He went through all of that, to ultimately save you and to bring you home. We are heirs to the throne, sons, and daughters of the Most High. We can end the violence, the mistreatment of the African American, and the systematic racism in place, ensuring that this country will tolerate it no longer. If you argue that this is a free country, you are free to believe what you believe; then, we are also free to ensure that those who hurt, destroy, and kill are brought to justice. We are free to check those who are against us because we do not fear these small-minded individuals, for we backed by an all-powerful, all-knowing, justice-serving, gracious, triune God that will protect His children. Stand together, and He won the battle, let's claim our victory through Him. #BlackLivesMatter

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Diana Coleman

This is a great message and should be read by everyone. We are so proud of you and your outlook on life. Keep looking up to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Love agape,
Papa Granville and Grandma Diana

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